As an Afro-German of a new generation whose self-image is not based on being a stranger in their own country, but whose identities often cross national borders, ALBI X speaks deeply from the soul of many young people with more complex identities and life realities than „simply German“. Locating himself on the difficult paths of German everyday life, the artist does not confront the realities experienced every day, such as the manifold facets of racism or classism, with aggression or gangsta attitude. Instead, he celebrates a multinational self-image with a lyrical fusion of Lingala, French and English, countering the experienced exclusion with an extremely positive, energetic and inclusive worldview – be your best version possible is his motto. His sound is truly international, breaking boundaries on all levels – national borders as well as style and genre boundaries.

Like his role model Travis Scott who „gave the sky its own color“ from his own hood, ALBI X wants to inspire people and set an example that one can use one’s own specialness and otherness as a source of strength. He uses the multiple setbacks, exclusions and the partly massive discrimination again and again as a springboard forward and finally also upwards. ALBI X literally walks through the shadows into the sun.

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Manuel Rädler


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Cedric Icassain


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