Love and passion became music.
When we started doing music in a Youth Club in Cologne Mühlheim.

We never dreamed about that our vibes would reach out to thousand of hearts.
When we started capturing all these beautiful moments that were brought to us by our close friendship, a relationsship that from the first day until now paved our path and step by step should open up more and more doors to us.

It shouldnt take long that our sound would leave Chaski’s bedroom,
to passing from small youth club stages all its way over shows at antiracist marchest o big stages like the open-air Festivals Summerjam in Germany or SunShine-Reggaefestival in France.
In 2016 we presented our first single „One Drop“ which pushed our sound over the german boarder,  through it‘s release on the international platform Reggaeville.

And all this,
was just the starting point for our next release, the STARTLINE EP.
A project from the depth of our heart and soul, with a lot of passion, in which we displayed all the different shades of our art, in all it‘s depths and heights.
This piece was a mirror of our complex and multifacetted biografies, driven by the search of answers for all this big questions coming up living in this world of global inequality and  alienation. We represent and describe two realities – north and south, europe and latin america, wealth and poverty.
We don’t want to accept these two seemingly oposing realities just like that.
Building bridges, speaking truth and projecting our vision,
we share our love, our passion for life itself, for this planet and all ist inhabitants –
we remember our roots, strong and firm
– thats us –

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Cedric Icassain


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