Kazy Lambist (Nachholtermin)

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♜ Kazy Lambist

► 24.11.20 || 19:00 || YUCA, Köln (Vom 16.03.2020 auf den 24.11.20 verschoben. Bereits erworbene Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit.)

Hailing from France’s deep South, Kazy is a singer and songwriter making laid back, sunny disco with a nice electro edge. He started by sharing online the elegant « Headson », which did not go unnoticed, and was quickly followed by the radiant « Doing Yoga ». The same year Kazy Lambist was awarded by the prestigious Inrocks Lab.
After his successful first EP « The Coast », came « The City » in 2018. This new EP is a sweet blend of house, french touch and electronic poetry. The young musician is a perfectionist and each track is a masterpiece both melancholic and sensual.
Finally in June, Kazy Lambist released his first album « 33 000 FT » referring to his other passion : flying planes ! Right from the groovy opening track « Love Song », Kazy Lambist creates bewitching connexions between pop and electronic music.
« 33 000 FT » is an appropriate title for this aerial and ethereal album performing aerobatics between pop ballades, dancing hits and urban musings.
This album is made for long summer nights, it is a celebration of pop music, both atmospheric and danceable : 33 000 FT is a high flying first album.


Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

Venue: YUCA